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Administration Module

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CS Link
Administration Module : Configuration

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Before CS Link can be effectively deployed, it must be administered to set up users, configure the reports that will be generated, establish report filters, etc.

An administration module is supplied to provide you with a quick and easy method to handle these configuration tasks. The administration module is a separate component (either stand-alone or web-based application) used to configure the CS Link System.

User Configurations
Through this module, the administrator can grant access to the system by setting up user profiles for each individual who will be using the system. Each user profile can be customized to grant and/or limit varying levels of access for each report, establish filtered views of the data based on the individual's needs, and dictate the access to the data on each of the company's back-end servers.

CS Link not only provides the end-user the power of customization but also serves as a firewall, safeguarding your company's mainframes and data from unauthorized access.

System Customizations
Administrators can configure the system to fit their specific needs. Based on the information entered in the admin module, CS Link can dynamically generate the appropriate parameter inputs, filters, and outputs for each report.

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