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CS Link: The Enterprise Report Distribution Solution
CS Link is a report/information distribution tool that enables companies to quickly establish a report distribution system using internet technology. More importantly, you will be able to leverage your existing indigenous reports from your current systems and distribute this information to those in your organization who need it the most. Special report distribution, archival, and drill-down functions have been developed for major ERP systems, for example: PeopleSoft , Oracle Financial ERP, Cambar, I2 TMS, and customized enterprise applications.

CS Link Detailed Product Description
For a detailed briefing on our CS Link product, you may browse through our online brochure or download Microsoft Words Document.

CS Link Product Walkthrough
Product features and its ease of use are demonstrated through this product walkthrough.

CS Link Live Demo
To fully understand the power and capabilities of CS Link, try our live demo. You will have the opportunity to view several different reports, originating from native data on various hosts. More importantly, you will be able to see how CS Link can easily bring all of this data together, directly to your browser. (Note: A user ID and password are required. Please contact our webmaster to obtain a demo account)