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CS Link

Reporting plays a key role in the daily operation of any enterprise. Corporations rely on the effective dissemination and distribution of their most current data. Server-based programs are normally used to generate reports to filter and format this data. These programs have been designed over the years to run on powerful, networked servers or mainframes. However, in today's fast-paced workplace, there is an ever-increasing demand for these programs on the client side. This has posed many problems for IS departments everywhere. 3 Tier Diagram

The client/server protocol and the spread of Internet/Intranet technologies are changing the face of today's business applications. Greater accessibility and connectivity can be achieved, and many corporations have obtained higher productivity because of it. Their report scheduling and distribution methods however, have been slow to realize benefits from these emerging technologies.

C Logic has the solution: CS Link - the Enterprise Report Distribution System. CS Link will enable companies to fully integrate intranet technology with their existing systems. Through a standard web browser, users can run the programs that already exist on their back-end servers. CS Link is THE solution to the report distribution dilemma. Not only will it run and schedule reports, but also provides the capability to distribute the generated output via e-mail. Additionally, the ability to immediately review the report directly from within the browser before it is ever sent to the printer is readily available.

CS Link has the ability to perform parallel processing across your various servers. By executing and managing the batch processing of reports on different hosts, your reports can be generated and delivered much more efficiently.

The power of CS Link reporting is that data across your enterprise is collected, processed, and presented in a centralized view. This means that by simply logging in once to CS Link’s server will enable you to access report information from multiple systems within your company. Whether it is the inventory system on your AS 400 or your financial systems on a Unix box, you will be able to quickly cross-reference the data from each system via hyperlinks within your report. This instantaneous access puts the data in your hands at the moment that you need it.

Though CS Link serves as a report distribution system, it is far more than that. Its open design allows it to also serve as a Job Scheduler. It is a powerful tool that can be utilized by system administrators. For example, a database administrator can schedule database backups conveniently and efficiently from his browser. Whatever the tasks may be, CS Link provides the scheduling capabilities to more effectively manage your business.