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April 08, 1997
C Logic, Inc. to Deliver Complete Web-based Solution for Enterprise-wide Report Distribution
Alhambra, Calif., April 08, 1997 - C Logic has announced the availability of their new product, CS-Link. CS-Link is built as an Open Enterprise Environment, providing various report distribution services to deliver an integrated solution for managing data from various back-end applications. Companies and institutions often have large legacy systems in heterogeneous environments, potentially in various locations. Secure data dissemination across the enterprise is usually difficult, inefficient, and costly. CS-Link addresses these concerns by providing a solution to enable companies to integrate intranet technology with their current disparate environments. A standard web browser is all that is required for anyone in the company to quickly and easily access report data from anywhere across the enterprise.

"CS-Link is revolutionary in that it provides a complete and virtually instantaneous solution to companies in need of a more effective report distribution mechanism," said Steve Hwang, President of C Logic, Inc. "Additionally, the ease with which this can be deployed in a company's existing environment will provide immediate benefits."

About C Logic
Founded in 1995, C Logic, Inc. is the leader in innovative report distribution solutions. The company's flagship product, "CS-Link" provides a web report/information portal that can be seamlessly integrated with a company's current heterogeneous environment.

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